Rescue The Rescuer



Jay Piggot, our friend, was recently diagnosed with a rare, and hard to treat form of cancer in the vicinity of his liver. This cancer, known as cholangiocarcinoma, has resulted in a relatively large tumour which is currently inoperable. Jay’s medical team hopes that after an intensive round of chemotherapy, that the tumour will shrink sufficiently to allow surgery to remove it.
Jay is a dedicated volunteer with North Shore Rescue, and serves on its elite helicopter rescue team as a SAR Medic. He is also a budding primary care paramedic with the British Columbia Ambulance Service. Unfortunately, even though he worked full-time hours, he is still classified as part-time, and thus is not eligible for benefits, sick time or disability. While he is undergoing treatment and recovering, he will not be able to work. Given the need for chemotherapy, and the surgery to follow, it could be upwards of a year before he is back at work.
This is where things get very tough. Jay and his wife Denise, have two young boys aged 6 and 9. The older of the two has recently received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, and requires significant support both financially and from his family. The loss of an income, no matter how temporary, will be devastating to this hardworking, caring family. We want to make sure that this is one stressor they don’t need to worry about.
Jay Piggot is a man who puts others first, and has saved many lives both in his role as a medic with North Shore Rescue, and as a paramedic with the ambulance service. He embodies the motto of “so that others may live.” Jay has risked his own life many times, so that complete strangers might live and be reunited with their families,
We, being Jays North Shore Rescue family, would like to create a sizeable trust fund that can be utilized to cover family expenses, medical bills, and allow him to focus 100% on fighting the cancer. Every donation will make a difference to his outcome. He is in for the fight of his life, but we can all have his back.
Help us, Rescue this amazing Rescuer, and donate to the Jay Piggot Trust Fund established through Blueshore Financial.
This fund is not directly associated with North Shore Rescue, and there is no tax receipt issued