If you can afford to help out the Piggot family this Christmas with a donation, there are a number of different ways to do so:

  1. Online – Donate online through Fundrazr
  2. E-Transfer – Make an e-transfer from your financial institution directly to the trust fund:
  3. In Person – Ask for the Jay Piggot Trust at any BlueShore Financial Branch:

Account #: 400002382562
Transit #: 05310
Institution #: 809


All funds are deposited into a trust fund with Blueshore Financial. Three NSR members, including a professional accountant, will manage the discretionary trust. Disbursements will be made according to the wages Jay would otherwise have earned and any incidental costs associated with his treatment (including medications not covered by MSP). A further goal will be to maintain a contingency to cover any costs associated with alternative or out-of-province treatment that may be required and not covered by MSP. Any left over funds once Jay beats this will go towards taking care of Jay’s children.