About Jay

Jay was born in 1981 and was raised in North Vancouver, BC. He attended Argyle Secondary school, graduating in 1999. After graduating from high school, he joined the Canadian Coast Guard at the age of 18. While there, he spent time on patrols off the westcoast, and started his lifelong career as a lifesaver. It was during this time, that he met his wife Denise, who he married in 2004. In 2006, his first son Jake was born.

At the age of 24, after leaving the Coast Guard, Jay joined Lions Bay Search and Rescue. During this time, he worked as a Sherrif and as a Park Ranger for the District of North Vancouver. In his role as a Park Ranger, Jay would respond to medical emergencies in the park, and assist with other public safety initiatives. Jay knew that he was destined to help others in an outdoor setting.

In 2009, Jay’s second son Max was born. Around this time, Jay met and became friends with a number of North Shore Rescue members while working for Metro Vancouver. It was only a matter of time before we were working hard to recruit Jay to the team, and in 2010 we were successful. A short time later, Jay received his coveted red NSR jacket.

Jay has become a tremendous asset to the team, both in his role as a SAR medic and as a dedicated jack-of-all trades. One could say that Jay is North Shore Rescue’s Radar, if NSR were a MASH unit. Jay was mentored by Tim Jones, and continues to uphold Tim’s legacy in all facets of North Shore Rescue.

After completing his Emergency Medical Responder license with NSR, and being hired by BC Ambulance Service out of Thasis (followed by Boston Bar), Jay decided to enter the Primary Care Paramedic program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. With the mentorship of Miles Randell (ACP), Jay excelled at the program and is now a practicing PCP paramedic out of the Lions Bay station. He aspires to one day enter the Advanced Care Paramedic program, and can’t wait to start that new journey.

Unfortunately, Jay’s diagnosis means that he will be on medical leave until he kicks this cancers ass. More unfortunately, being classified as part-time means that Jay is not entitled to benefits or disability. Jay can’t wait to beat this thing so he can get back to saving lives from helicopters and serving the people of BC as a paramedic. In the interim, he is going to need the communities support to get him there. Please help us, help Jay by donating today.