paramedic guide

A complete overview about paramedics

What are paramedics?

Paramedics are the specialists working to deal with the emergency situations. These practitioners are trained to deal with the emergency situations and take care of the people on the emergency scene itself. They are highly skilled medical officers experienced and qualified enough to handle the situations, take decisions and treat the patients on the emergency scene. Senior paramedics can also start the treatment at homes. Recruitment of Paramedics in hospitals vary from state to state, hospital to hospital, some hospital does appoint paramedics in the emergency ward but their responsibilities and work criteria differ from other hospital staff members.

How to become a paramedic?

Joining paramedics as a career option is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of hard work and efforts to join the forces. Paramedics are the highest level of EMT (Emergency medical technician), they are trained to perform Advanced Life Support (ALS) to save the patient’s life while they are been taken to the hospital. They as an EMT also perform the tasks like treating the wounds, first aids etc.

To join a Paramedic training course you need to get your EMT license first and need to be an active EMT practitioner. There is a prerequisite of college-level math, biology, and English in order to pursue your career as a paramedic. There are a lot of community colleges offering a year or two degrees in paramedic training. You need to go through a curriculum consisting of both classroom and field training in order to train the students well. Before joining the paramedic forces you need to get your paramedic license checked by taking your state’s licensing examination, which is a difficult exam to take but you can get a lot of help from the guides available and the exam is necessary to clear in order to become a paramedic.

Working conditions

They work hard to rescue the patients and treat them well in time, working in the extreme conditions. Paramedics work both indoors and outdoors irrespective of the weather in all the severe circumstances just so that the needed help is provided to people in the emergency situations. Their work includes kneeling, bending, lifting and more of the severe physical activities, which sometimes also lands them in trouble with their health like back injuries by lifting the patients and also they occasionally suffer from the hearing loss due to the excessive and regular exposure to high ringing sirens. In spite of all these adverse conditions and problems, they face they still work for the betterment of the public to rescue them from all the emergency situations and bringing them back from death in situations.


They help out people in the most traumatic of the condition and rescue them from most deadly circumstances. A prior report about the patient’s condition is given to the hospital in order to keep the required assistance ready beforehand. They complete their task of transporting the patients safely to the hospital very efficiently.